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My Journey to Understand... Black Hawk.s Mission of Peace Author Phillip B Gottfredson

My Journey to Understand... Black Hawk’s Mission of Peace, is the result of twenty years of research into the Utah Black Hawk War of the years 1847 to 1873. More importantly, my intention has been to write only a synopsis of the war and its legacy from the perspective of the Native peoples of Utah, which no author has ever done before. This perspective has been deliberately left out of Utah's Native American history for reasons I will never fully comprehend. - Author Phillip B Gottfredson

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Kichwa English Dictionary is following the ALKI (Academia de la lengua Kichwa) (2007) and "Kichwa: Yachakukkupak SHimiyuk Kamu" (Ministerio de Eeducacion y Culture, Ecudore) (2009) stuctures and formats. The word list used in this dictionary also resembles both of these works. However, some of these words found in the dictionary may not be familiar to Edcudorian Kichwa speakers. As this work is more realted to Imbabura Kichwa variety. Simarily, some new words that are used in casual speech of Imbabura Kichwa have been introduced to the list. Some of these words may not be found in other Ecudorian Kichwa varieties. Addionally, the phonological aspect of this dictionary is based on the Imbabura Kichwa variety.

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First published in 1906, Geronimo is the collaborative work between Geronimo, chief of the Chiricahua Apache, and author S. M. Barrett. The latter was given special permission from President Theodore Roosevelt to interview Geronimo while he was a prisoner of war at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. What Barrett recorded is a blunt, firsthand account of the twenty-five years Geronimo spent fighting the U.S. government.

This is the perfect book for anyone interested in the history of America and its native peoples, and this true-life account—from one of the most well-known figures in our country’s history—is both thrilling and sobering.

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Diane Wirth has collected an impressive number of cultural parallels between the Old World (Near East) and the New World (Mesoamerica). She presents a large number of examples that show bearded figures in the early cultures of Mesoamerica which have usually been considered as beardless. These examples parallel Near Eastern cultural and physical features. She shows a close parallel between the characteristics of the Egyptian god Osiris and the Maya Maize god. She draws parallels in creation and renewal beliefs as well as in birth and resurrection as revealed in the iconography. She demonstrates how the World Tree (Tree of Life) is common to both Near Eastern and Mesoamerican beliefs.

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Nearly 2,000 detailed illustrations, including depictions of more than 200 different katcinas, and the most thorough account of Hopi ceremonies and their meanings, with comparisons to Egyptian, Israelite, Freemasonic and other Native American ceremonies.


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American Indian Cultures Map

Size: 23" x 36"

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Southwest Turquoise Map

Size: 18 1/4" x 24"

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Indian Country Map

Historical Events

Size: 23" x 36"

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