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Runa Pacha CD's

Native Flute Music



Full of good world melodies

Track Titles: 1. Perfect 2. Despacito 3. Cannon in D 4. Hallelujah 5. San Juanito Irlandes 6. Como te voy a Olvidar 7. Cumbia Sanjuanitio 8. Vida ya no es vida 9. Yamor 10. May You Walk in Sunshine



Runa Pacha CD Sawtooth


Runa Pacha/Sawtooth Mountain Item #MURP10 1)Sawtooth Mountain. 2)Ancient Vision. 3)Spirit Horse. 4)Little Indians. 5)Burn. 6)Skipping Stone. 7)Celebration of the Heart. 8)Wolves. 9)Colors of the Wind (Pocahontas). 10)White Buffalo.

Our emotions, excitements, our thoughts and all our different feelings are being expressed deeply from the heart; hoping to reach that spiritual connection to the far corners of the earth. The unique sound of the Native American flute, the drums, and the natural effects combined with modern sequencing creates heart full melodies that unifies the Ancient, Present with the Future. Price: $16.00



Runa Pacha CD


Runa Pacha/Mystic Flutes Item # MURP02 1)Yane-Heja-Hee. 2)Shikan. 3)Llaki Runa. 4)Es Asi. 5)Te Amare por Siempre. 6)Kushi Sanjuanito. 7)Shaman. 8)Last of Mohicans. 9)Pila Pila. 10)Sound of Silence/Dust in the Wind. 11)Me Haces Falta. 12)Tikramushunmig Traditional and contemporary sounds of the native panflute-rondador-kena-sikus.

This is a recording that contains a great variety of songs. It has different rhythms, sounds and chants. A taste from the most soothing to a happy and up beat song. Price: $16.00



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Runa Pacha CD


Runa Pacha/The Howling of the Wolf Item #MURP03 1)Tu Nombre Empieza con A (Your name starts with A). 2)Reviviendo un Amor(Keeping alive your Love). 3)Jala Cuitsagu (Hey Cutie girl). 4)Bandolero (Bandit). 5)Presumida (Presumptious lady). 6)Arco Iris (Rainbow). 7)Licor Maldito (Damn Licor). 8)Puru Runas (Pure Natives). 9)Sanjuanito Samponeado (Sanjuanito rythm with zamponia). 10)Noche y Dia (Day and Night).

Traditional and contemporary songs. The different rhythms and variety of tempos makes an exceptional sound of this recording. In this album the songs like “Jala Cuitsagu”, “Presumida” invites you to dance and fulfill the positive happy energy. It is a complement of the previous album. Price: $16.00 



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Runa Pacha CD


Runa Pacha/Our Message of Peace Item #MURP04 1)The Rose. 2)Hey Judy. 3)Amazing Grace. 4)The Dance. 5)Aycha. 6)Let it Be. 7)Unchained Melody. 8)Mothers and Children. 9)Sounds of Silence/Dust in the Wind. 10)Yane-Heja-Hee.

Relaxing sounds of the powerful pan flute. The Magic Pan flute is an instrument that has no boundaries, no limits, and the most of all it is used as a tool to share with the people the Message that is trying to send. The Message of PEACE. Price: $16.00 


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Runa Pach CD Sacred Flutes available at Runa Arts University Place Orem, Utah


Runa Pacha/Sacred Flutes Item #MURP05 1)The Lonely shepherd. 2)Can you feel the love tonight (Lion King). 3)Night and Day. 4)Yesterday. 5)And I Love Her. 6)Everything I Do. 7)From This Moment On. 8)Wind Beneath my Winds. 9)Hello. 10)My Heart will Go On (Titanic). 11)Sin un Sentimiento (Bonus Track). Love CLASSIC INSTRUMENTAL melodies.

This is an album that has a good variety of your favorite CLASSIC LOVE SONGS and themes of movie sound tracks played with the magic panflute-kena-kenacho. Sacred Flutes includes theme of the Titanic, Lion King and others. Price: $16.00 


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Spirit of the Condor


Runa Pacha/Spirit of the Condor Item #MURP01 1)Arco Iris. 2)Nazca. 4)Shikan. 5)Mothers and Children. 6)Sanjuanito de mi Tierra. 7)Encuentros. 8)Samponeada. 9)Takirari de Verano. 10)Tu Destino. INSTRUMENTAL remix from vol. 1. A recording with the BEST TRADITIONAL music of the Andes.

This CD will take straight to the heart of the Andes mountain and through the sounds of the sikus and kenas you are able to learn and enjoy the mysteries of the High Andes and its Native people. Price: $16.00



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The Pan Flute


Runa Pacha/The Panflute Item #MURP09 1)Children of Kosovo. 2)Heaven. 3)I will Always Love You. 4)Mariposa Traicionera. 5)Tears in Heaven. 6)The Homeless. 7)The Flight of the Condor(Condor Pasa). 8)Chiquitita. 9)Unchained Melody. 10)Amazing Grace. 11)Tu Nombre Empieza con A. 12)Jala Cuitsagu. 13)Sanjuanito de mi Tierra. 14)Last of Mohicans.

Runa Pacha's music plus an additional 6 new songs with a total of 14 amazing melodies. If you don't have any of our recordings, this CD is highly recommended. Songs from "Echoes Of The Canyon" and "Serenade To Our Mother Earth" are NOT INCLUDED in this album. Price: $16.00



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Runa Pacha CD


Runa Pacha/Echoes of the Canyon Item #MURP07 1)Smoke Signals. 2)High Valley. 3)Flying Song. 4)Navajo Pride. 5)Great Spirit Dance. 6)Closer Still. 7)Diesha. 8)Echoes of Time. 9)Precious Water. 10)Shamboo Wakatonka.

Runa Pacha BEST SELLER INSTRUMENTAL. This is a CD that you don’t want to miss. The enchanting sound of the Native American cedar flute will take you to a complete stage of relaxation. Experience the power, drama and magic of spirited Native American flute blend with traditional and modern technology. The songs recorded in this album are very soothing, adding some nature effects, and the sounds of the ocarina (clay whistle) Price: $16.00

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Serenade to Mother Earth


Runa Pacha/Serenade to Our Mother Earth Item # MURP08 1)Serenade to Our Mother Earth. 2)Yuba. 3)Starry Night. 4)Beneath the Raven Moon. 5)Calling the Rain. 6)Caress the Smile. 7)Echoes of Time. 8)Earth Spirit. 9)Heart's Desire. 10)Reflection Journey.

More soothing melodies for relaxing and massage therapy. It is a complement of the last album. Enchanting traditional and contemporary melodies played with the magic of the Native American CEDAR FLUTE. Price: $ 16.00

Runa Pacha CD recording group available at Runa Arts University Place, Orem Utah

RP13 New Release!

MELODIES OF THE HEART 1. I am a child of God. 2. Silent Night. 3. I Need tThee Every Hour. Jingle Bell Rock. My Heart Will Go On (Titanic). 6. Amazing Grace. 7. My Native Song. 8. Colors of the Wind (Pocahontas). 9. Chiquitita. 10. Beneath the Raven Moon. $16.00


Runa Pacha Christmas


Runa Pacha/Christmas Songs Item #MURP06 1)Feliz Navidad. 2)What Child is This. 3). 4)Hark the Herald Angels Sing. 5)Oh Holy Night. 6)Joy to the World. 7)Oh Come All Ye Faithful. 8)The First Joel. 9)Jingle Bell. 10)Hello.

Popular holiday melodies masterfully played with the native flute and pan flutes. Price: $16.00


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Following fans and customers request Runa Pacha has the honor to present this new material with a full range of Gospel and Inspirational melodies; masterfully played with our Native flute-panflutes. 1.Your Love Comes Tumblin'Down 2.Breathe 3.Be Thau My Vision 4.Give Thanks 5.Shout To The Lord 6.Nearer My God, To Thee 7.This is My Father'World 8.How Great Thau Art 9.God Be With You Till We Meet Again 10.As The Deer


Spirit of the Buffalo


Spirit of the Buffalo



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American Inkas

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